No. 35 (2023): Music Festivals

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Estimating that music festivals have not lost their attractiveness as a research topic, despite the relatively large scientific attention they have already received, the editorial board of the journal Muzikologija-Musicology encouraged their reconsideration within the Main Theme of the second issue in 2023 (No. 35). Due to the dynamism of societies and musical cultures, it is possible, and even necessary, to reconsider the circumstances of the creation of festivals, their transformations and disappearances, and their functioning as living organisms within the ecosystem. The relations of the festivals with the music industry, as well as tourist and creative industries, identity politics, socio-cultural context and economy are particularly sensitive. In light of current global efforts to preserve intangible cultural heritage, it is also plausible to consider the role of festivals and the relationship between festivals and traditions in the broadest sense – the influence on the canonization of practices, i.e. on creativity and the commodification of music and musicianship.

Published: 30.12.2023

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