No. 34 (2023): Contemporary Perspectives on Stravinsky

Cover for journal Musicology No. 34

With its Main theme, the journal Musicology No. 34 contributes to the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Igor Stravinsky’s death. The topics cover a wide range of issues relating to all three phases of Stravinsky’s career (the Russian, the Neoclassical and the Serial), including the impact and reception of his work and, more specifically, a contextualisation of Stravinsky’s Russian output with reference to the history of Russian folkloristics; a reframing of his Neoclassicism with reference to his relationship with Jacques Maritain, as well as the role that Pierre Souvtchinsky played in the composition of the Poetics of Music; a reevaluation of expressiveness in the works of the serial period; a discussion of the impact of Stravinsky’s work on French postwar composers; a view on the meaning of corporeality and dance in his output; and a reappraisal of Theodor Adorno’s critique of Stravinsky’s work. The Varia section brings the results of diverse musicological research, starting from the analysis of pieces of a contemporary Serbian composer who treats the voice in non-traditional ways, followed by an article that connects performance studies and the study of music through the analysis of kinesthetic gestures in Beethoven’s piano sonatas, and closing with a text that contributes to the history of Serbian music critique.

Published: 30.06.2023

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