No. 29 (2020): Ethnomusicologist Vladimir R. Đorđević

Cover page of the Musicology journal No. 29

On the first of December 2019 we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir R. Đorđević (1869–1938), a versatile Serbian musician who left a considerable mark in all fields in which he worked: as an ethnomusicologist, composer, music pedagogue, and one of the pioneers of Serbian music bibliography and lexicography.

The editorial board of the journal Musicology decided to mark this important jubilee of Serbian music by dedicating the main theme of the 29th issue to the work and contribution of Vladimir R. Đorđević. At the invitation of the Editorial Board of the journal Musicology, five eminent experts wrote original scientific studies for the main theme of No. 29.

Published: 30.12.2020

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