No. 25 (2018): Music and Historiography

Cover image of the issue no 25 of the journal Musicology

The mini-jubilee of the journal Musicology – publication of the 25th issue – coincides with the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Institute of Musicology SASA, as well as the celebration of the 90th birthday of Dr Nadežda Mosusova, a retired principal research fellow, who spent her entire career at the Institute of Musicology SASA. At the turn of the tenth decade of her life, Dr. Mosusova is still very active; it is with great pleasure that we dedicate the 25th issue of the journal to her. In the year of the anniversary, we decided that the main topic of the issue should be Music and Historiography. Although over the past several decades musicology has significantly expanded, overcoming its former borders and achieving numerous interdisciplinary interweavings, historiographic considerations remain the core of this discipline. The study of primary sources, the reconstruction of the past supported by convincing evidence, the review of earlier interpretations of the already processed material, and the discovery of unknown details from the lives of the famous protagonists of the musical past, constitute the backbone of the methodology applied in the articles unified in the main theme of this issue.

Published: 30.12.2018

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