Audiovisual Media in Public Ethnomusicology and Education: A Sardinian Experience



audiovisual ethnomusicology, Sardinian music, public ethnomusicology, multimedia, sound heritage


In recent decades, audiovisual media has been increasingly used in ethnomusicological research. If we consider how scholars use them, four main areas of application can be identified: 1) data analysis, 2) documentary films, 3) public ethnomusicology, 4) educational use.
This article presents some audiovisual products on traditional instrumental and vocal music as well as improvised sung poetry in Sardinia (Italy) on which I have worked over the last few years - including the visual representation of musical and poetic forms, and also audiovisual products for exhibitions, museums and multimedia encyclopaedias. My aim is to discuss the role played by ethnomusicologist in conceiving new strategies for the visual representation of the music of oral tradition in different productive contexts and audiovisual outputs.


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