Musicology No. 37, Call for Papers: Music and Cultural Trauma in Local and Global Contexts


With the idea to ​​contribute to increasing interest in music and trauma studies and highlight the importance of this interdisciplinary scientific field, we invite authors to focus on examining the theoretical, historical, political, social and cultural aspects of the correlation of music and trauma in different local and global contexts.

We especially encourage the critical research of music as inseparable from the concept of cultural trauma, related to social and collective processes and mechanisms of mediation of various traumatic experiences (such as armed conflicts and forced incarcerations, displacement and migrations during wars and social crises, genocide and slavery, various forms of violence and discrimination in repressive regimes).

We encourage authors to draw on a combination of memory studies, postmemory, affect, identity policies and other relevant approaches that provide opportunities for an in-depth discussion of how people, articulate, shape, remember, narrate and communicate trauma through musical composition, performance, reception, and discourse on music. Consequently, it is of crucial interest to ask questions about the multiple inclusion of music in the repertoire of coping strategies, in collective negotiations and symbolic struggles around the reinterpretation and memorialization of traumatic experiences, and thus to shed new light on the importance of music in cultural trauma research.


Deadline for paper submission: September 1, 2024

Address: [email protected]